Glass Mushrooms


Mushrooms are one of my very favorite foods. There is nothing like the woody aroma of a fresh morel or the tangy aftertaste of a chicken of the woods.  Canterells in Alfredo sauce and thinly sliced puff balls fried until they are crispy just make my mouth water. Am I making you hungry yet?

I’ve been picking mushroom for as long as I can remember. I would often bring some specimen back to the house after my daily walk and ask my mom to cook it up for me. ┬áMy family taught me well and I knew the good ones and how to look out for the bad ones, like death angels and false morels.

This weekend, wile up at my parents cabin, I spied these beauties up on a window shelf. Edible, no, but none the less beautiful. They are each made of a solid piece of green glass and almost glow in the sunlight. I got out my dip pen and some India ink and started drawing. Here is the result.





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