Lone Pine



This weekend my son and I took a hike at Lone Pine State Park. This park has become one of my favorite places to hike because it is challenging, has great views, and feels safe. The steep trails are even more of a challenge when carrying a thirty pound toddler. Packing him up the mountain is my fitness plan to prepare me for hunting season, and it seem to be working just great. Last weekend I easily kept up with my husband on a hike for the first time in, well, ever actually.

After getting over the steepest half of the hike, I took my little guy out of the hiking backpack so that he could wear some energy off. We put our arms out and pretended to be airplanes as we jogged along the dusty trail. Our shadows flitted across the ground like birds. It’s good to see the world through a a child’s eyes again.

We collected the pine cone and needles along the trail. I drew them with micron.

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