The rivers and lakes around Kalispell MT have some beautiful rocks. My son and I collected several small rocks whenever we went fishing, camping, swimming, or canoeing this summer. Tally lake had a variety of spectacular orange rocks and we got some beautiful blue stripped rocks at the Flathead river. After a few weeks of doing this, we had quite a collection and I wanted to display them. Rocks look way more vibrant under water, so, I decided to get a bowl and put the rocks in it with some water.

My husband teases me that I got the gold fish just because of the rocks, and I have to admit it’s true. It didn’t make much sense to just have a bowl with water in it and no fish. ¬†The gold fish we ended up with is one of the friendliest gold fish that I have ever seen. It comes up to the glass just to look at me whenever I get near it. This little fish has added such joy to our lives and now I get rocks for the fish instead of the other way round.

I did this piece from life with watercolor paint and micron.


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