Painting Process



A couple of weeks ago we took a hike up Mt. Henry. There is nothing but rocks covered with lichen and weathered wood near the top. I took a picture of this old stump and was inspired by texture of the twisted wood. The snow, ice, and wind had shaped the tree making it into something rugged and original.

Although I loved the textures in this picture, they were quite the challenge to paint. I almost gave up on this landscape once I got to the detail. From now on I think I’ll avoid bark and rocks.

Here is the beginning stage of my painting. I sketched the main shapes and colors with a paintbrush and some acrylic paint.


Next I blocked in the colors and finished most of the background with oil paint.


After this stage, I focused on the shadows and highlights on the wood and rocks. Let me know what you think of my painting and my painting process.



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