About a year and a half ago, I got inspired to do a series of portraits that portrayed the seasons. Three of my friends really reminded me of different seasons both in personality and face tone, so, I asked them to model for me. I borrowed a Nikon camera and did a photo shoot with each one of them to get some good reference photos. I first completed “Fall” and afterward hurried to complete “Spring” for an art show I had last year. We moved twice after that, one time all the way from South Carolina to Montana, so, needless to say I was a bit too busy to finish the last two paintings. My “Winter” painting was the only one I could finish at the moment, because I still haven’t found the perfect model for my “Summer” painting.

To complete this painting, I used two reference photos and combined them in a drawing. By sketching the portrait first, I was able to get the correct proportions for my painting surface. I then drew the portrait out on my board and started painting. I used cooler shades for both the background and the face tones to represent the winter theme. I ran into a couple rough spots, but in the end, it was just great to finish a painting that had been so long on my mind.


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