Trail Ride



When our family from South Carolina came to visit us, one of the things on their western bucket list was to go on a trail ride. I’ve always been a bit scared of horses because of difficulties handling them in the past, but I wanted to go along anyway. We saddled up at a great outfit called Artimis Acres and stared off on a dusty trail following our wrangler. It was one of the last warm and sunny days of the fall here in Montana and was fantastic for a horse back ride. The azure blue of the sky was a perfect contrast for the golden aspen leaves. Grasshoppers made a raspy clicking sound as they flew away from the horses feet. We rode through meadows, up logging roads, and up a steep mountain to a look out with a great view of the Flathead Valley.

The hour ride went very quickly and by the end, I wanted to do it all over again. The horse I rode was a paint named Patches. She was perfectly behaved except for stealing a couple of mouthfuls of grass along the trail. She also walked the entire way, just my kind of horse. Even though I was sore for a couple of days, I didn’t regret going on bit.

Our wrangler was a real western woman..from Florida. But seriously, she really knew her horses and how to train and handle them. I have the utmost respect for people that can work with horses day in and day out. I snapped a picture of our guide before we got off our horses and drew it with micron.


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