Progressive Painting Stage Two



This piece is the second stage in my progression of abstract paintings. It was very freeing paint without worrying about “finishing” this painting in the normal sense of the word. I only brought the piece to where I was satisfied with it and then let it rest until the next stage.


The texture of the acrylic paint was a bit frustrating for me being an oil painter. It was also satisfying, however, because it works so well with the texture on the board. I painted with thicker acrylic in this stage and competently covered the first stage of the painting. For the finishing touches of this painting, I used a gold ink pen to add detail and sanded the black areas to create more texture.

The hardest part about these paintings has been rather surprising to me. Instead of struggling with the composition or the medium, it is incredibly hard to paint over something that you have spent hours on. It might take a few week before I can stand painting over this stage of the painting, but I’m sure I’ll come around to the idea soon.

Please comment and let me know how this painting makes you feel or what it reminds you of and as always, thanks for reading.


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