Glacier Park



If you love mountains, you will be blown away by Glacier Park. I’ve visited the park several times over my years of living in Montana but it still never ceases to amaze me. We had taken my reference photo at one of the look outs on the Going-to-the-Sun Road. This highway was completed in 1932 and they must have made cars smaller back then because passing cars on the way up now is just plain scary. The views, however, are well worth being that close to a sheer cliff.

I wanted to capture the grandeur and sheer immensity of the peaks in my latest painting. For this reason, I chose a two by three foot board as my painting surface. I began my painting in acrylic to get some color on the white board. I then used the same painting process as I did with my painting from the top of Mt. Henry. This painting took quite a bit longer because of it’s size and the detail…lots and lots of detail. I’ll confess, I’m not even quite done with all the detail in the foreground but I was painting at my parents and didn’t want to transport a wet painting back in our car.

I can’t wait to take some pictures of Glacier Park in the winter and do a couple of paintings from them. Snowy mountains are even more spectacular then ones covered with fall colors.


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