Andrew Wyeth



Andrew Wyeth is the first artist I chose for my inspiration posts because he is my all time favorite artist. Books could be written about this artists life, and well, they have been. I’ve read them. So, rather than write for pages about this very fascinating man, I’m here to say a little on what I love about his art.

Andrew Wyeth’s art is known for it’s amazing a meticulous detail. It wasn’t always this way, however. Wyeth started out working in watercolor and used a very loose style. I admire this about his work because as detail is hard, working loosely is even harder for me.




You predominately see the loose brushstrokes in earlier work like “The Lobster Man,” above. However, if you look closely, you can see that Wyeth carried that style into his later work as well by doing a expressionistic background in his paintings before starting on the detail work.





Then of course, there is the detail in Wyeth’s paintings. The detail is meticulous and realistic but still believable. Many artists make the detail overwhelming to the overall painting.




I particularly love Wyeth’s portrait work, of course. He captures the personality and persona of his models in both their features and the environment around them.┬áIn conclusion, Wyeth’s work was just genius and I hope it was an inspiration to you today.




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