James Gurney



If you asked me for a list of the best artists of our day, James Gurney would be at the top. I first discovered “Dinotopia” at the library when I was a little girl. I remember pouring over each page and being transported to a whole new work.


“Waterfall City” by James Gurney


Now, as an artist, I am even more impressed with his work. His talent for making the unbelievable completely realistic is a skill that I greatly admire. One of the ways Gurney accomplishes this realism is by making small models of buildings and doing a detailed study with the correct lighting. His book “Color and Light” is an invaluable resource for any artist and is in my list of favorite art books.


“Cryolophosaurus” by James Gurney


I hope that these paintings were as inspiring to you as they are to me.


“Mountain Tribesman” by James Gurney


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