Adventure and Creativity


What is the essence of an adventure? I’ve been seeing the word around a lot, on coffee cups and bumper stickers, so, I looked up the definition and found it to be, “an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.” I disagree with the “hazardous,” part just a little bit, but the rest of quote rings true.

I’ve always been a proponent of adventures and think that they greatly affect our creativity, and I’ll tell you why. ┬áNew, “exciting,” and “unusual,” events are often the ones that inspire us, and when we are inspired we create something that is meaningful and beautiful. It doesn’t matter if you are a baker, painter, poet, or dancer, any artist can be inspired by an adventure. If you feel stuck in your current creative endeavor, get out there, do something that you’ve never done before. Have a new experience that may change our outlook on life and your art forever.

“But what if I don’t have the time or the money for an adventure,” you may ask. Well, I think we should all try to have a once in a lifetime adventure like my brother did. He packed his supplies in a backpack and traveled into the Washington wilderness for several months. But, we should also have little adventures as often as possible. Spend your day off walking across your city or into the woods and see how far you can get. Introduce yourself to someone in an elevator. Take your sketchbook and spend a few hours in your local park recording what you see. Go to a restaurant where you can’t read anything on the menu. Go swing dancing or go to a ballet class even if you can’t dance. The the main thing is to go. Get off your phone, get off your computer, get away from your TV. We may find a rare gem of inspiration on our screens but what will really get your creative juices going are real experiences, real people, and real adventures.

I’ve been fortunate to have my fair share of great adventures. Traveling the country with my family in a van, canoeing down an icy river in the dark, and moving across to a whole new area, to name a few. My most recent adventure, however, was a small one. I saw the sign for a European Deli in our area and decided to pop in. It is owned by a wonderful little lady that never says a word of English except to count back my change. I found all sorts of wonderful foods that I couldn’t identify and was especially intrigued by the chocolates. I took the picture below because I love the colorful wrapping. Each chocolate is like a little adventure because you don’t know what your getting when you open it. Every day you live can be viewed the same way, as an adventure just waiting to be unwrapped.





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