Looking Back

Sometimes looking back gives you a vision for the future. I was reminded of this wile looking through an old sketchbook from college recently. It was interesting to see how much my art has changed and surprising to see that the fine lines and gentle shading had been replaced by a hurried boldness. In many ways, this change in my art is a reflection of the changes in my personality and life. Wile noting these changes over the past five years, I began thinking about what I would like my art to look like five years in the future. (Will that really be 2022? That’s insane.) Primarily, I would like to grow in originality and style have my art recognizable as uniquely Aspen Creek Art.

In what way has your art changed over the past few years and what is your vision for your artistic future?

Here are a few more of my old sketches from college. Enjoy!







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