K.C. Christmas

“Contemplating Earl Gray”

K. C. Christmas is an up-and-coming artist whose art I greatly admire. I love the simplified lines and solid blocks of color that give her work the quality of a vintage illustration. The combination of food, nature, and people in K. C.’s recent work has a surrealistic feel to it. It makes you look twice, and that is what sets great art apart from good art.

When asked to say a little about herself, K. C. Christmas says, “As for me, I am a tea-loving artist that can’t resist a good book. Currently, I’m earning a history degree but I make time for my art. My work has been featured in various exhibits around the world and is owned in different homes across the United States. My work is consistently focused on portraiture and the interaction between people and nature. These current illustrations I’m making right now are inspired by the sweet things in life – food, flowers and fashion. I love making work about people because it’s so relatable. You or I could easily be that illustration of a girl drinking tea or being grasped by ivy. Most of my illustrations are made with ink – whether that is micron pen or Faber-Castell brush pens. In the near future, I will be returning to some acrylic and oil paintings on a series of medical issues. I’m excited to see where that leads!”

If you want to see more of K. C. Christmas’ work you can follow her on Instagram. You can also purchase these beautiful illustrations on her Etsy shop.


“Side Effects of a Cherry Cordial”


                “Shoes Aren’t Required for Tea Parties”


“The Grasp of this Earth”


“A Dab of Whip”


“Turning Over a New Leaf”

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