Snowy Mountains



It’s so important to discover beauty in your surroundings particularly in difficult times. After living in the south for three years, I had almost forgotten how hard winter can be. Persistent sickness, below zero temperatures, and long dark evenings didn’t make it any easier. ┬áBut, whenever I would start to wonder why we ever moved to such a cold place, all I had to do was step outside. The Bob Marshal Wilderness is in our back yard, and I was struck be the amazing beauty of these snow covered mountains time after time.

The birds have returned to the valley and the snow is starting to melt. It was so nice today we even went for a walk. Spring is wonderful, but the mountains are never so beautiful as when they are covered in snow. This painting is the first in a series of winter paintings I will complete this summer. I’m enjoying the limited pallet and simple beauty of these snowy mountains.






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