Lone Pine



This weekend my son and I took a hike at Lone Pine State Park. This park has become one of my favorite places to hike because it is challenging, has great views, and feels safe. The steep trails are even more of a challenge when carrying a thirty pound toddler. Packing him up the mountain is my fitness plan to prepare me for hunting season, and it seem to be working just great. Last weekend I easily kept up with my husband on a hike for the first time in, well, ever actually.

After getting over the steepest half of the hike, I took my little guy out of the hiking backpack so that he could wear some energy off. We put our arms out and pretended to be airplanes as we jogged along the dusty trail. Our shadows flitted across the ground like birds. It’s good to see the world through a a child’s eyes again.

We collected the pine cone and needles along the trail. I drew them with micron.

That Smile



I was looking through a few of my reference photos from college and came across a few of my friend. She was an inspiration and encouragement to me through those difficult years. Her smile was contagious and beautiful but I just couldn’t seem to capture it in a photo. The painting that I finally completed was not of her smiling.  Some things are just too beautiful to perfectly represent in art from.

I sold the painting a few years back, so, I decided to do a new drawing with Micron and a Faber Castell brush pen.

Glass Mushrooms


Mushrooms are one of my very favorite foods. There is nothing like the woody aroma of a fresh morel or the tangy aftertaste of a chicken of the woods.  Canterells in Alfredo sauce and thinly sliced puff balls fried until they are crispy just make my mouth water. Am I making you hungry yet?

I’ve been picking mushroom for as long as I can remember. I would often bring some specimen back to the house after my daily walk and ask my mom to cook it up for me.  My family taught me well and I knew the good ones and how to look out for the bad ones, like death angels and false morels.

This weekend, wile up at my parents cabin, I spied these beauties up on a window shelf. Edible, no, but none the less beautiful. They are each made of a solid piece of green glass and almost glow in the sunlight. I got out my dip pen and some India ink and started drawing. Here is the result.




Cry of the Loon

Loons have always been a “thing” for me. I always loved it when we heard the first cry from a loon as they returned to the lake each year. Their song is hauntingly beautiful and reminds me of quiet morning walks by that body of water.

I did this drawing of some loon sculptures that my parents own. I used a dip ink pen and diluted ink with a brush.



Sketchbook Found

There is nothing like finding something that you feared was lost forever. My favorite sketchbook is one that my husband had made for my birthday a few years ago. It has a brown leather cover and beautiful smooth creamy paper. This book has been to top of mountains and has survived four moves so far. During our last move we packed all our belongings in a very small tailor and moved across the country to the northwest corner of Montana. When we arrived I couldn’t find my sketchbook anywhere and had to survive four whole months without it. Thankfully, I we were reunited this weekend when I was sorting through a box looking for winter clothes. Here are a couple of sketches from a few months ago.




Pen and Ink Drawing