All Smiles


This is my son. He is ball of energy that can wear me out at times, but his smile, it can brighten my day like nothing else.

I painted this portrait for a friend using the same method used in this watercolor tutorial and for my other watercolor portraits.

Blue Eyes


This little girl is such a joy and her bright blue eyes are beautiful with innocence. I’ve really enjoyed doing a series children’s portraits in watercolor.  Check out more watercolor portraits or my watercolor tutorial explaining my process!

Baby in a Sweater



Faces fascinate me, and baby faces, well, I just can’t resist them. Babies have such wonderful expressions that are yet untainted by societal norms. Check out my other child watercolor portraits or my watercolor tutorial if you’d like.

I painted this portrait for our friends on the arrival of their little boy. Their son didn’t have the easiest of arrivals either, but you can read more about that here on his mom’s blog.






Rambutans or Lychee nuts are just amazing. I only remember eating fresh Lychee nuts once before but I absolutely loved them, so, when I saw these in the store the other day I had to get them. I loved the textures and colors of these Lychees and decided to paint them as a study.





The rivers and lakes around Kalispell MT have some beautiful rocks. My son and I collected several small rocks whenever we went fishing, camping, swimming, or canoeing this summer. Tally lake had a variety of spectacular orange rocks and we got some beautiful blue stripped rocks at the Flathead river. After a few weeks of doing this, we had quite a collection and I wanted to display them. Rocks look way more vibrant under water, so, I decided to get a bowl and put the rocks in it with some water.

My husband teases me that I got the gold fish just because of the rocks, and I have to admit it’s true. It didn’t make much sense to just have a bowl with water in it and no fish.  The gold fish we ended up with is one of the friendliest gold fish that I have ever seen. It comes up to the glass just to look at me whenever I get near it. This little fish has added such joy to our lives and now I get rocks for the fish instead of the other way round.

I did this piece from life with watercolor paint and micron.




Fall came very quickly to Montana this year. Just a couple of weeks ago it was in the nineties and now we are using a space heater all night. It was brisk yesterday morning, but my little boy and I still bundled up and went on a walk to the park. Wile there we found some of the first fall leaves and filled our hands with them for the trip home.

Fall is one of my favorite seasons for many different reasons.  The main one is that it contains so many childhood memories for me.  Fall was the season that our friends would visit the Yaak from Germany. I remember wearing my little blue hoodie and putting my hands in the pockets because it was chilly. I would follow after the grown ups like this, listening to their conversation sprinkled with the thick German accent. I also loved the smell of fresh cut firewood and the sound of fire crackling in the fireplace as I was falling asleep. I remember going out side to look at the stars with my Grandpa and Grandma when they came to visit one fall. I was so little that my Grandpa put my feet in his sweater pockets to keep them warm.

Fall also provides so many new things for the senses. Who doesn’t love the smell of wood smoke in air or cookies fresh out of the oven? Or the sound of the brisk wind blowing through the trees. I also love seeing the aspens and the larches turning yellow and gold every year. Please, leave a comment and tell what you love about this season.

I did this painting with watercolor paint in a Moleskin notebook.

Cup of Tea




Nothing like a big, hot mug of tea on a cold and rainy day.