Beautiful Paitings on Wood

Artist have used wood as a painting surface sense the beginning of time but modern artists are giving it a whole new look. I am so fascinated by the work of Alison Moritsugu and Meni Chatzipanagiotou. Moritsugu is a Hawaiian artist who is known for her detailed traditional style on unique wood rounds. I love her installation named “Wilderness” pictured above and below.

Meni Chatzipanagiotou is an artist from Greece who does beautiful wood cut style art on wooden rounds. Her work was a surrealist feel combined with a traditional style. I love these two pieces pictured below.


For my latest painting I used a birch wood round gathered from the home of this adorable baby girl. I’m excited that the surface will have significance to the family as well as the painting. This one of my first times painting on wood and I learned a lot through the process. The wooden round was already well sanded and smooth. I sketched out the silhouette of my subject and then filled it in with white acrylic primer. I then painted the portrait with oils and oiled the wood once I was finished. This process worked OK but I think a clear acrylic sealer or primer would have worked better for a portrait.